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Name: Audrey Elson (10/03/07)
Age: 18
From: East Coast

The Story: I met Audrey few months ago when she was out here in California visiting relatives in Simi Valley. We connected few weeks before she came out here and she wanted to be on this site. So after she flew in and spent sometime with her relatives, I went to meet her in Simi Valley and she was all ready to go. She is a tall girl, something like 6 feet tall and when wearing heels she just towers over everybody.

So we drove back to LA to take some pictures and videos at my place and I ended up doing her. I usually don't run into girls as tall as her so it is almost like a novelty for me to be with a girl that is taller than me. Also, she had the most beautiful tits and her pussy was just as tight as a 5'1 girl. I did her pussy good and I gave her couple of cumshots I had been saving for her.

After the video we talked some more and she told me about wanting to do magazine modeling and stuff. So I referred her to a photographer I network with and she ended up doing more shoots for the famous companies. So it was pretty cool to see her on a magazine cover recently when I was traveling. I have the pleasure to look into a paper stand and point out the girls I've fucked before.. surreal.


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