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Name: Ashlyn Brooks
Age: 21
From: Florida

The Story: Ashlyn is another girl I creampied when I was in Florida couple of months ago. She is a sweet girl from the Midwest who was visiting Florida at that time for some modeling opportunities for a magazine. And it was perfect timing for me because I was there looking for girls for the site, and she was single at the time and ready for anything. So I ended up fucking her and cumming in her couple of days after we first met.
I remember I had her and some friends of her in South Beach like on a Monday or something like that, but then I had to drive all the way to Tampa (a 4 hour drive) to go meet up with a really hot wife. And as soon as I was finished in the Gulf coast, I raced back to Miami to make sure I met up with Ashlyn before she left to go back to Oklahoma. So in all, I was driving around Florida like a maniac in search of pussy. And I did well actually, I drove over 1000 miles in that week and fucked like 7-8 girls, some for the site, some of them fans, some of them swingers.
Anyway, I got back to Miami in the evening, and I hooked up with Ashlyn right away. We went to a beach club nearby where we talked for a bit and then I started to take pictures of her flashing and stuff. After that, we went back to my car and she started to give me a blow job in the car while I drove back to the hotel on Collins Ave. And I am sure some people saw us, which gave her a thrill. Once back to my room, I started to undress her and I started to fuck her tight pussy.
I fucked her for like an hour or so and then we hung out a bit more and I ended up driving her back to her hotel where she was staying with her friends. And she then left the morning after to the Midwest. I invited her to come visit California, and she said she would make time. So maybe I'll be cumming more inside her in the next few months.

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