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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Ashley
Age: 22
From: Tallahassee, Florida

TheStory: Ashli is a local girl that Tony has hooked up with in the past and even though she isn’t a model, that hasn’t stopped Tony from doing her off camera. Tony found out rather quickly that Ashli is really sexual and open-minded so he didn’t hesitate to asked her if she would be up for making a sex tape for the website just for fun. Ashli is the kind of girl that doesn’t like wearing underwear and likes going bareback, so making a sex tape was no big deal for her. Tony knew that even though she can be silly at times, she really loves sex and knew it would make for a hot sex tape.

Tony gave Ashli the full model treatment though, to show her what he does with the models that he has over and she loved getting naked in front of the camera. When Tony got out the video camera, Ashli was ready to have one of their good fuck sessions and showed Tony why she
doesn’t wear underwear. Ashli loves the way Tony licks her slit and that really got her moist and ready to take his cock deep inside but
not before she took him in her mouth to get him as hard as possible.

Tony and Ashli fucked for about 40 minutes before Tony unloaded his sperm into Ashli in the usual way, deep inside her. Since Tony has creampied Ashli many times before and she isn’t pregnant yet, I have
to assume that she is on birth control of some sort or maybe just playing a long game of roulette.

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