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Name: Anastasia
Age: 20
From: Northern California

The Story:

Anastasia is a friend of Alison Kilgore. They both dance at the same club and they are best friends, so when I shot Alison, she told Anastasia what she had done and how awesome I was :) so she called me up to ask me about it and I told her I would meet up with her next time I was up in Northern California to explain how to get into the world of adult modeling. But because Alison had some boyfriend issues, I never really got around to meeting her since I couldn't go up north and shoot content for her website as we had planned to. So it took all this time for me to finally meet Anastasia on a recent trip down to LA.

I picked her up from the airport and I showed her around a bit before driving her to her friend's house. And she was pretty cool and sexy and I knew we were going to have fun on her stay down in LA. So couple of days after I invited her for dinner and ended up fucking her that night. She loved fucking so much, I ended up calling a friend to keep fucking her as she is the type that can go for hours and hours.

The next day, we went out again and we got back to my place to do pictures and videos of us fucking. I made sure I didn't fuck her in the morning so I could have a decent cumshot and it was hard not to so when the time came, I was hard and ready to give her a lot of cum. So I did the usual pictures and would fuck her a bit in between takes and then we just started the video.

I fucked her a lot on the video and I think in combination with the previous night, I extended my myself beyond a limit as after fucking her I was completely wiped out until the day after. It will be hard for any man to keep up with her.


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