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Name: Amy (06/30/07)
Age: 19
From: Oakland California

The Story: Amy is a girl that was visiting from the bay area (San Francisco) that I got together with few months ago. I found her on the CL (a free site that is well known- you might figure the initials) and she wanted to try out being an erotic model. So as soon as I got a hold of her on the phone, I sent her a plane ticket so she could come down to LA for a short vacation/audition.

She has a regular job up there and she is a trained singer too, so she was doing this more for fun than anything else. And within an hour or so of picking her up from the airport, I was already fucking her. She loved the idea of being "famous" and the whole process that I set up for her to come meet me. After fucking her off camera, I took a break and took her around LA to show her the place.

And after going, we came back to my place and we did this video of her. And I did her with gusto for a second and then a third time. In all, I fucked her for couple of days straight and she has been waiting for me to put up the update so she could see it and tell couple of her girlfriends about it.


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