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Name: Amanda
Age: 18
From: New Orleans, LA

The Story: In Tony's own words:
Amanda Bryant is a beautiful, blonde, 18 year-old college freshman who has come to California from Louisiana for the summer after finishing her first year in college. She has decided to give modeling a try for the summer to see if its something she want to do or if she wants to go back to school. Amanda is relatively new to sex, having lost her virginity less than a year ago; she is still in the quiet stage. However, the college experience has turned her into an expert at giving blowjobs but she has never had the favor returned to her. This was her first time getting her pussy eaten and you can see by the reactions on her face how new the feeling is to her. Although Amanda is quiet, deep down inside she is a wild girl; she showed up not wearing any panties. When asked why not, she replied that she NEVER wears panties, she said she loves wearing skirts and no panties; her way of being secretly naughty.


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