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Name: Alura Bond  Age: 22

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA.. originally from Manchester, England

The Story: Alura Bond is a girl I did with a friend who put this shoot together.

We basically pick her up at a parking lot where we live and take her home for some drinks after being stood up by her boyfriend.. once at my friend's place, we start  drinking and after a little talking she starts to talk about how nasty she is and how she likes getting her butt fucked.

So without wasting much time, she got on her knees and started to deep throat.. now I have seen girls do deep throating before, but this girl was simply amazing. She can take anything  down her throat.. she gets really nasty and that gets me really in the mood to fuck her in the ass. So we take her upstairs and I start fucking her pussy first. "Fuck my nasty ass please" she started to say, so I buried my cock in deep in her ass. Then after fucking her really good for a long while, I shoot my cum in her ass.

Alura ranks as one of the most nasty girls I have ever been with and I think she can actually do a lot more.


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