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Name: Ally Kay
Age: 18
From: Colorado

The Story:Ally Kay is, in her words, “a barely legal” 18 year-old from Colorado who moved out to California this past summer. After being laid off from her retail job, she started go-go dancing at a local dance club and there she met a girl who told her she had the look and personality to get into nude modeling. After she made contact with me, I sent her over to Tony for the photo-shoot and interview since he was free that day.

Tony started with a photo-shoot and while making small talk, learned that Ally is quite flexible because she had been a gymnast for years and that she was now doing gigs as a contortionist as well. I’m not sure why Tony didn’t take pictures of this during the photo shoot although she did show us during the video; I’ll have to have a talk with Tony about this but I suspect he got distracted by the pussy and its understandable.

During the interview Tony asked about Ally’s nice tan and she replied that she is Greek (maybe half though?); this would explain her nice, very round, and prominent ass. It’s simply amazing! Now also during the interview, Ally claimed to be shy but I think that was more of a trained response to avoiding sounding slutty, because from the video, she strips pretty fast and is not shy at all. When Tony asked if he could touch her, she said that she wanted to touch him first, then she got on her knees and swallowed his cock. Tony later told me that although Ally looks innocent, she is very aggressive sexually and likes rough sex; he believes that she has a “Lolita” complex as well because she kept on referring to her “teen pussy” when he was pounding her and she was talking dirty. Tony said they fucked for a good two hours before he pumped his seed into her “teen pussy” as Ally would say.


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