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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Alisha Adams
Age: 22
From: San Francisco, California

TheStory: Alisha is a girl who was discovered by Tony’s assistant on a scouting trip she made to San Francisco over the President’s Day three day weekend. She saw Alisha on Hiaght street having a body painting applied to her and when it was done, she asked Alisha if she ever considered “other” type of nude modeling. Alisha said that she liked helping the art community and that she would consider doing it for legitimate artist. Tony’s assistant told her that it was for a photographer that she worked for and that they shot “erotic” art. They traded contact information to set up a later date.

Alisha flew down the next weekend and was surprised to find out that the Tony’s studio was in his apartment but she didn’t think much of it because his assistant was there too helping with the cameras. Tony went through the photo shoot with Alisha and explained to her that he liked a more natural theme and that this is the reason he kept his set very casual and not staged. Once they were done with the photo shoot, Tony asked Alisha if she would be willing to do a “behind the scene video” for a documentary that he was filming on erotic art.

During the filming, Tony began to feel up Alisha and she didn’t seem to mind; that soon turned into oral sex and at one point, Tony’s assistant helped her self to Alisha as well. Tony’s assistant then took the video camera and had Alisha ride Tony’s cock while she filmed this act of “performance art”. Tony and sometimes his assistant fucked Alisha for about an hour, all in the name of “art”, although towards the end, I think Alisha didn’t care whether or not it was art. I say this because in the end, she asked Tony to cum inside her which he gladly obliged. It wasn’t until it was over that Alisha admitted that this had been her first time having sex with another girl, but that she still considered herself straight because it was “art”.

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