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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Alicia Stylez
Age: 20
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Now that the college has slowed down for the summer, Tony has taken to a new hunting ground to look for girls to have sex with. Recently on a trip out to Venice Beach, Tony ran into a 19 year old girl who had just moved down from Oregon to get away from all the rainy weather. Since she is new to the area, Tony knew that he would be able to catch her attention with an offer of a modeling job, even though she was bigger than most models. The girls name was Alicia and she had never thought about modeling, so when Tony brought it up, she was quite flattered. Tony told her that it would be a “tasteful artistic nude” photoshoot and that she would get copies of all the pictures.

Tony had her show up to his place on a Monday night and took things slow so that she wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. The photo shoot went as smoothly as possible and it gave Alicia time to get comfortable with Tony. Once they where all done with the still photography, Tony asked if she would be up to do a small interview on video just for fun and Alicia agreed since Tony hadn’t tried anything yet. Tony was able to get her naked again and was even able to get her to let him play with her breast. I guess she thought Tony was harmless enough because she didn’t mind when he moved his had down to see how smooth her bald pussy was. Tony not only felt the smoothness of her lips, but started to rub her clit until he could feel her get warm and moist.

Tony was able to get Alicia to sit down so that he could get in between her legs with is mouth and really get her wanting more. Since Alicia hadn’t had sex since she left Oregon three weeks earlier, she was more than ready to get some cock inside her. Tony was soon sliding inside her and she didn’t seem to mind at all that he was doing her bareback. After a good fucking, Tony pumped his seed into her teen pussy without any regard on whether or not she was on birth control. I guess he figures that this is a one night stand type of thing and that he’ll never see her again anyways.


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