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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Alice Frost
Age: 21
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Alice is not a model but instead a personal friend of both Tony and his assistant; actually its more than a friendship, they are sex buddies who met at the university where Tony works and his assistant is a student. She got the chance to participate in a study abroad program through the university and has decided to do the spring semester in Europe. They all decided that it would be fun to record their last sexual encounter before she leaves so that she can have something to see on the web if she gets home sick. Tony thinks that she will find a BF over there and this might be the last time they all have sex together.

Tony tells me that Alice has always been fun and easy to play with; she knows what Tony and his assistant do on the side and is not jealous about it; I guess she is one of those open minded college girls. Anyways, Tony gave her the “model’ treatment in the beginning that night since she was curious about it and they were being silly. Once Tony brought out the video camera though, all three of them got straight down to sex very casually.

I suppose Alice is totally comfortable with both Tony and his assistant because she didn’t mention using any protection; Tony just slipped his bareback cock inside her once the oral foreplay was done. All three of them seemed to have a good time and they all decided that Alice should get Tony’s cum as a going away present so Tony pumped is load into Alice and although some of it pour out, I’m sure Alice took some inside her on her plane ride over to Europe.

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