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Name: Alice Age: 20

The Story: Alice is a girl I met at a nightclub in Prague. I told her I was a producer from America and that I wanted to do some modeling test shoots with her and she coincidently had been looking into adult modeling herself.

I told her about the nature of of my site and she was fine with it. She told me she loved sex and being on camera was a turn on for her so I arranged for her to come by my place a few days later.

Alice is actually a bit shy but she enjoys being wild. When she first came into my place we started to make out and I started to grab her nice big tits and ass. I sucked on those beautiful tits while I fingered her wet pussy. And after making her all wet she got on her knees and started sucking my cock. She sucked my cock hard and I liked how she used her tongue on the tip of my cock.

I then bent her over and shoved my cock in her pussy. She was very tight and I could feel her inside with with cock.  At one point I almost came too early but I held it and kept on doing her until she came first. And I then came all over her.

I told her she would do great in videos and that we should practice more in front of the camera :)



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