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Name: Alex Ryan
Age: 22
From: Flint, Michigan

TheStory: Alex is a recent college graduate who just moved out to California this summer from the midwest. She said she was leaving because of the cold weather and the very limited opportunities in her small home town. She has been doing odd and temporary jobs so far and decided to answer one of Tony's internet advertisements. Tony let her know that it was adult modeling and that she would be posing nude. Alex was hesistant until Tony offered to have his female assistant present during the photoshoot, and with that settled, they agreed on a schedule.

When Alex showed up, Tony's assistant welcomed her in and helped her get ready for the shoot while Tony got his cameras ready. Alex had initially thought that Tony would be trying to have sex with her so when Tony's assistant began to take off Alex's clothes, she was surprised. Tony's assistant sat Alex down so that she could get between Alex's legs to taste her and after she had her fill, she let Tony have a taste. Althought Alex was surprised, she was happy to continue on because it had been a really long time since she had had a threesome. It was something she had a chance to do when during her first year of college and something she thought she would never get to do again.

Tony and his assitant made Alex the center of their attention, passing her back forth between them and having her in the middle when doing her at the same time. Alex loved the attention and didn't worry about details like the fact that Tony was doing her bareback. When Tony's assistant noticed that Tony was reaching the point where he couldn't hold out much longer, she positioned Alex so that Tony could easily fill her with his seed. Tony pumped his cum deep into Alex, only asking if she was ok with it as his cum oozed out of her pussy.


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