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Name: AJ Estrada
Age: 18
From: Long Beach, California

TheStory: “AJ” Estrada is a cute 18-year-old girl from Long Beach, California, who Tony met about two weeks ago while attending his 20th year high school reunion. As luck would have it, Tony told me that AJ just graduated from high school this year and had decided to tag along to her mother’s reunion to see what kind of people she had gone to school with 20 years ago. Tony said that almost everyone attended as a couple so when AJ noticed that she and Tony were part of the tiny single crowd, she decided to go sit with him during the dinner. Most of the conversation was about how things where at the high school 20 years ago but when AJ asked Tony why he was single, Tony went ahead and told her everything, thinking that she would not believe him. But she did and it didn’t bother her at all. In fact, she found him more interesting that all the tired, old people there.

Tony tells me that they went out on a movie date behind her mothers back(since AJ still lives at home) because they are sure the mother would have a fit. Afterwards, they went back to his place and AJ decided to spend the night. She called her mom and told her she was spending the night at a girl friend’s house. When AJ was in her cute pajamas, Tony asked her if she would agree to make a sex tape with him. Being young and not too wise, she agreed; youthful indiscretions are a godsend to us! Tony also was able to get her to agree to some pictures and didn’t have to ask at all later when they were having sex.

As you can see, AJ is not only young, innocent and fresh, but she is all natural which makes her look even younger and more innocent. Just the way we all like them. Since AJ had planned to have sex with Tony(because she was freshly shaved), it didn’t take much effort on Tony’s part especially once he got her worked up by going down on her. From the look of the video, it looks like he fucked her for about 45 minutes before pumping her full of his cum. On a side note, Tony tells me he doesn’t even bother to ask teen girls if they are on birth-control anymore since he is actually hoping to


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