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Name: Adriana Amante
Age: 24
From: Out of State

The Story: Adriana is a hot girl my friend got to do a few months back. I made a deal with a friend that I would let him be on the site if he could find hot girls and he found Adriana on his own couple of weeks after I made the deal with him. And she turned out to be great, in fact, we've been in touch since then and I've done her myself too :) she is on the shy side but yet she is very sexual which is a very big turn on for me.

On this ocassion we went to my office to take some pictures first so I could get a feel for her and what not. And after a few stills, I wanted to do her myself. But I promised my friend so we went back to my place where I basically held camera and watched them fuck, which I have to admit was like torture for someone like me.

My friend fucked her good and she really got off. And the funny thing is that I could not have predicted how she was going to be when I first met her because she was so quiet. It was only when she started to get naked that she started to be sexual, that and the fact that she moans when she sucks cock. Any girl that moans when she sucks cock is usually really hot in bed.

Anyway, they fucked and fucked in my living room for sometime and in the end he filled her up with cum which Adriana loves. And although I didn't get to do her myself on this video, I did a good job with the camera so is a great video to watch.


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