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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Abby Cross
Age: 20
From: Austin, Texas

TheStory: Abby is a new student at the university where Tony works; they met during the summer incoming student orientation that was held for transfer students. Tony didn’t tell me her age but since she is a transfer student, I think she must be about 20. Tony said he decided to approach Abby because she appeared to be wanting to break out of some type of mold. She was wearing her bookish glasses but at the same time had on real short shorts and a tight top. Tony tells me these girls have been forced to be tame on the outside which in turn makes them even wilder when they have a chance to get away with it. This is Abby’s first time away from home so it makes sense that she was willing to do something wild like modeling nude for the website.

Tony had her come over to his place and had her go through the photo shoot to gauge her willingness to do more. She was a very sweet girl and had no issues with being naked in front of him so he figured he had a good chance of taking this all the way. He made sure to complement her during the photo shoot to build up her confidence as well before offering her to get her college party years off to a great start. One thing I noticed, as did Tony, was that Abby really has a great ass that one can imaging grabbing and kneading for hours on end. Smacking it would also be much fun.

Anyways, she took him up on his offer and laid down so that Tony could start things off right; later Abby took Tony in her mouth but she did it was such eagerness, that it makes me wonder when the last time this girl had sex was. Tony slipped his cock inside her bareback and she didn’t seem to mind so Tony knew this was going to end well. After fucking for a good hour, Abby wanted to feel cum inside her so she asked Tony to cum inside her since she rarely gets to enjoy that feeling of fulfillment and Tony was more than happy to give in to her request. Afterwards when he asked her later if she was into barebacking she said not usually but since Tony is much older, she suspects he “takes care of his health”.

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