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Name: Victoria Love
Age: 24
From: Los Angeles, CA

TheStory: Last week Tony told me that he had managed to get one of his new neighbors to make a video with him. He told me her name is Victoria and that she is around 24 years old and had recently moved from Arizona after graduating from college. He had met her in the pool area and when he told her his unit number, she replied that she had noticed the bright lights that sometimes came on at night. Tony told her that he does photography for a hobby and when pressed further, Tony had to admit that his subjects are hot girls. Tony figured that she would be put off by this but she joked if she could be next. Not knowing if she was serious, but playing along, Tony said she could be.

Victoria told him she would be over in a few minutes and left to get out of her bikini. Sure enough, she showed up and was serious about doing a photo shoot. I suspect she knew that Tony would try to have sex with her and since she had just moved, she was probably looking to end a dry spell. Tony did do a photo shoot as promised and then got the video camera rolling where he had Victoria strip again before tasting her sweet pussy.

After getting Tony rock hard with her mouth, Victoria rode Tony’s cock until her legs gave out; Tony then proceeded to pound her the rest of the time. Now since Victoria is an educated young lady, I think Tony assumed that she is on birth control and when he couldn’t control himself any longer, he pumped his load into pussy. She didn’t seem to mind at all so I guess that assumption maybe correct…unless she is looking to get pregnant at which point it is incorrect. Time will tell.

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