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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Sadine
Age: 23
From: Bogota, Colombia

TheStory: Things having been going slow for Tony as far as new girls; the college girls are doing finals so it makes it hard to schedule things so Tony decided to finally given in to a girl that has been begging to be in a photo shoot. Sadine is a 23 year old from Colombia and with the recent scandals in the news, Tony decide to sample some Colombian pussy as well. From what Tony tells me, the girl may have a crush on him because she was very persistent about doing a shoot and I suspect that she knew that Tony has seduces some of the models.

Tony had Sadine come over to his place one day after work and decided to have his assistant there as well. When Sadine showed up, she was a little disappointed that they weren’t alone but she decided to do the shoot anyways. Tony didn’t take many photos before getting the video camera going and getting Sadine naked again. When he asked why she was so comfortable being naked, Sadine responded that it was a cultural thing. When Tony asked what she like sexually, she responded with a long list that included having her pussy licked.

Tony took this as a clear hint and jumped between her legs to get her going. At first, since Tony’s assistant was helping him with the video, Sadine was a little apprehensive but eventually, Tony’s assistant told Sadine to relax and enjoy Tony’s cock with no worries.
Tony fucked Sadine and eventually she came and soon afterwards, Tony came as well, pumping his seed deep into her.

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