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Name: Rylie
Age: 20
From: XXX

TheStory: Rylie is a 19 year old who comes to us from a very small town in North Carolina. She has always dreamed of leaving her little town and coming out to the big city to make it big. When Tony asked her if she would be interested in doing some modeling, she quickly agreed. She told him that she had always wanted to be in front of the cameras and had come out to LA to be "discovered". Since Tony was the first person to give her a break, Rylie said that she would make sure to show him how grateful she was for this break. Even though Rylie is young, I think she knows what she will have to do to become famous.

Tony told Rylie to wear something cute and comfortable when she came over to his place for the photo shoot. She showed up wearing a pink short dress with matching panties which came off quiet easily. During the photo shoot, Tony started touching her while helping her undress and Rylie became aroused. I can tell that she knew what was going to happen next.

Tony was soon diving between her legs and having a taste of her fresh off the farm teen pussy. Rylie enjoyed it but she really enjoyed when Tony slid inside her. Tony tells me that Rylie has one of the best pussy he has ever felt. He said he really struggled to stay in control; you can see him suffer in the video. It looks like he was only able to hold back for just 30 minutes before he spilled his seed inside Rylie. Its a good thing Rylie asked him to cum inside her because I think he would have accidently anyways.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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