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Name: Katie Marie
Age: 26
From: Sacramento, CA

TheStory: Katie is a girl that contacted Tony directly and asked if he would do a photo shoot with her. Katie told him that she had always wanted to model but had never had the courage in the past and now that she was approaching her 26th birthday, she wanted to do it before she got any older. She told Tony that she would be willing to drive down from Sacramento so he set up an appointment for her for the Saturday after Thanksgiving so that she would have time to make the trip.

When Katie showed up to Tony’s place, he was surprised by how petite she was; she’s only 4’ 11 and weighs maybe 90lbs. Katie was eager to start the photo shoot so that went smoothly, however, when Tony got the video camera going, Katie started giggling because she hadn’t planned on the video portion. Tony had her strip again and jumped between her legs to taste her, and she went from giggles to ecstasy rather quickly.

After having Tony give her pussy the attention it deserved, Katie slid to her knees and took Tony in her mouth to make sure he was as hard as possible before taking his bareback cock into her pussy. They fucked in various positions, although sometimes Tony might have hit the bottom of her tiny pussy because she yelped out in pain. That’s a common occurrence with petite girls like her. I’m not sure if Tony told her that he would be filling her with his seed before they started but either way, he did just that. Katie seemed spent buy happy as Tony’s cum oozed out of her pussy.

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