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Name: Kasey Chase
Age: 19
From: California

TheStory: Kasey is back again! As some of you know, Tony tries keeps in touch with some of the girls after their first encounter so that they can hook up again in the future. Most of the girl are from out of state and are usually living very mobile lives so its not easy. But Kasey Chase is one of those girls that is originally from right here in L.A., so when she comes to visit her friends, Tony and her usually hook up. This is the third time that they have hooked up and as Tony tells me, it might be the last as Kasey is looking to join some type of New Age commune in Canada.

Anyways, Kasey is now totally comfortable with Tony so when she showed up to his place, she began stripping out of her clothes rather quickly. Tony noticed that she had a few cuts and when he asked about them, she replied that she has been doing a lot of outdoor activities and even managed to get in a wreck while riding a quad. Seems this girl has really finally come out of her young girl shell. Tony sat Kasey down and proceeded to give her a familiar oral pleasure and after a few minutes she returned the attention to make sure Tony was ready to slide inside her.

Tony confided to me that, just like last time, he was unable to control himself. He said he filled Kasey with his seed after just 20 minutes of penetrating her young, teen pussy; Kasey didn’t seem to mind though since she had already orgasmed earlier. Tony says he hopes he knocked her up so that maybe she will decide to stay here in L.A. instead of moving to Canada.

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Lexi Brooks - Next Door Amateur

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