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Name: Emma
Age: 18
From: California

TheStory: Emma is an adventurous girl that wanted to try out being on the site. One of the things that I stands out in her story is how she had just lost her virginity (relatively speaking) about a year before we got together but that somehow she had managed to fuck dozens of guys. And I suppose it's rare but some girls go crazy once they lose their virginity, especially when they lose it in the later teens.. not sure if it's repressed sexual energy or they just simply enjoy their newly found sexual powers over men. Anyway, being on the site was part of her wild streak so we talked and I agreed to go pick her up at her job during lunchtime.. lol.

I got a hotel nearby so I could get her back to work on time and we basically wasted little time once I picked her up. In fact, I pulled into the gas station just around where she works and she started to blow me. There were people and cars passing by but she did not care, she wanted to show me her skills..I would have fucked her right in the car but I wasn't as brave as her as all these people were passing by so instead we drove to the hotel. Once there, I took the usual pictures but before I could finish the set I started to fuck her.. I simply couldn't help it. I did her for only half an hour and she enjoyed being dominated but since the clock was ticking, I ended up unloading in her a little sooner than I normally would. She didn't even get a chance to shower before leaving, so she put her clothes back on and I dropped her off at work right on time and I am sure her pussy was dripping cum while she was at work that afternoon :)

I ended up fucking Emma couple of more times but only got pictures with my phone and last time I tried contacting her she did not text back. So maybe she found a boyfriend or got it out of the system..

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