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Name: Blake
Age: 21
From: Tampa, Florida

TheStory: Blake enjoyed her last trip to California so much she decided to come back again after her semester was over in her Florida University to stay for a few weeks. So when she told me she was going to visit again, I told her we should do a beach shoot and possibly even a beach creampie! However, this being California there are people everywhere, so it was hard to find a secluded spot where we could have sex in peace. So instead, I took a few pictures of her at the beach and then we headed back to the hotel we got for the night to do this video.

She told me she really enjoyed the video we did last time and that she even got recognized at school by some people. But they were cool about it and they did not make a big deal out of it, after all with so many cameras everywhere having sex for people to see is no longer such big deal as say 10-20 years ago. Anyhow, once we got to the room we were eating and watching TV and one then one thing led to another and we started to fuck and I started to take pics and video of it. Her pussy was so beautiful and tight she almost made me cum right away. But I slowed down and fucked her for a while before unloading my first cumshot deep inside her.. and it felt so damn good I left my dick in her for a while until it got hard again so I could continue to fuck her. So I kept fucking her for a while until I came again but this time right on her tight ass as she told me she liked the feeling of warm cum on her ass. And I know is not the favorite for creampie purists but I figured she already had one in and this would make it more interesting..

She left couple of days after we did this but hopefully she will be back again at the end of the summer for some more cum filling! lol

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