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On This Edition of Asian-man
Name: Aeryn Starr
Age: 20
From: California

TheStory: So this weeks update has a unique story behind it. Not all of the member of this site are guys, there are quite a few females who also like creampies, but what I didn’t know is that at least one of the members is a girl who likes seeing all the new girls. Her name is Aeryn Starr(her parents are the hippie type as she is), she is 20 years old and originally from Florida. She contacted us when she noticed that Tony’s assistant was joining in the action more frequently and asked if she could appear on the site and if Tony’s assistant would be there too. It turns out Aeryn has never had a threesome and she also has a thing for Tony’s assistant so she thought it would be a great idea to have her first threesome recorded. I forwarded her email to Tony and told him that this would be an interesting situation even if she wasn’t a model.

On the day Aeryn showed up, Tony found out a few more detail from her; like that she prefers sex with girls than with guys, but I guess that doesn’t come as a big surprise. Another thing he learned is that she is a very free-spirited girl, like hippie-ish, and doesn’t like to wear bras or panties as they are too restrictive. And on the few times she does have sex with guys, she doesn’t like using condoms because it makes the sex too artificial and unnatural. Anyways, Aeryn was really excited once she saw that Tony’s assistant was really into her as well.

Things got started really fast with Aeryn and Tony’s assistant; they both had each other naked rather quickly and kissing and touching each other before Tony had finished the interview. Tony set the camera on a tripod and jumped right in. All three of them had a long hot threesome that only ended when Tony filled Aeryn’s pussy with his cum while his assistant held her legs open for him to pump his seed as deep as possible. Afterward, Aeryn told them that she is not on birth control since that’s also artificial so I guess Tony will have to wait and see what happens.


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