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Name: Alina Li
Age: 19
From: New York
TheStory: Alina is a beautiful girl I met last night who was visiting from the East Coast but is originally from China. Last time I had someone from the Chinese mainland was Evelyn Lin, which was back in 2006 so I was very excited about getting the chance to do a Chinese creampie :) She is originally from Shanghai, which to me makes it even more interesting (since I've visited that city before). She recently got curious about modeling and she came out here for a short vacation and some modeling opportunities. We met at a local restaurant first and we got a chance to talk about her background, etc. And after getting comfortable, we went back to a place nearby and we did these pictures and video. Alina is hot and she has a very sexy body too and when I saw her naked, I was just thinking on how her pussy would feel since she it looked so tight. And I was right, she felt very tight and I enjoyed how every stroke made her moan. So I did her for couple of hours before dropping her back at her hotel where she was staying with her friends. Hopefully I will see her again soon when I visit the East Coast or vice versa so I can cream her some more!




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