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Name: Jenna
Age: 21
From: New York
TheStory: Jenna is yet another girl from New York that I had the pleasure to meet recently. I lost count of how many girls from NY I've met recently but I think I met more this year than in the previous 10! Jenna is friends with Giselle Mari and after finding out what Giselle had done, she wanted and try it out too.. true story! And she told me she had another common friend who was thinking about it but she was afraid her boyfriend would not be too happy about it.. Anyway, I met Jenna couple of weeks ago at the same place were I met Giselle. We talked for a little while and she was really eager to show off and be on the site. So without wasting much time, I started taking pictures of her and then we started to fuck.. She was very tight and it was hard to not cum inside her early on but I made sure I held it and fucked for some more until I came inside her from behind. Now if I could get her and Giselle together to do a double New York creampie, then that would something else :)




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