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Name: Alex Tanner
Age: 18
From: Florida
Alex is a cute redhead that came to visit from Florida last week. She had been out here for couple of weeks before I met her and she basically was just exploring the west coast. She is very free spirited and adventurous, so one of her friends challenged her to contact us and she did. She sounded very outgoing and fun on the phone so I made plans to go meet her the very next day and this was the shoot that we did just one day after we first got in contact. She told me that guys hit on her all the time and I guess you can see obviously why.. she had these tight shorts on her and I could see her nipples with the shirt she was wearing. So after talking to her at a local park for a while, we headed back to a hotel room I got nearby and I took these pictures and video. Alex had a nice meaty pink pussy that wrapped around my cock just perfectly, all pussies are nice obviously, but hers was particularly "fuller" so it was a nice visual to watch my cock go in and out of her. I think I even came a little in the beginning.. anyway, I fucked her couple of times that day and filled her up with lots of cum. She told me she was going to go to San Diego the next day and I haven't heard from her since, so I hope she gets in touch again.




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