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Name: Angel Ashton
Age: 19
From: New York
TheStory: Angel is the third girl in a row from New York that I met few weeks ago, which is unusual since girls from there seldom come all the way out this way. So I was pretty happy to meet Angel after doing Giselle and Savannah just a few days apart.

Angel came out to California to try out modeling since opportunities seem to be more limited out there. She wanted to venture into adult for adventure and to see if maybe she could do more. So I interviewed her at my usual location and brought her back to the hotel where we could take pictures and videos. Angel was very shy and quiet during the interview, so I wasn't even sure she was going to go though with it. She also seemed a little concerned about getting pregnant since she had missed couple of days of the pill. But nonetheless, she went for it when I invited her back to the room.

Back at the hotel, I took some picture at first and sensing how shy she was, I just started to roll video and immediately started to fuck her. Normally, I am able to sense a girl's "sexual vibe" but with Angel it was a bit unusual because she was just so quiet. I took the lead and basically fucked her hard to see if I could get more out of her until I blew a load inside her fertile pussy. So a somewhat quiet scene by my standards.




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