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Name: Dara
Age: 18
From: Europe
I met Dara back in the summer time when I was in Europe traveling around. I was on my way back to Frankfurt I remember and I had to meet Dara just a few hours before my train departure. I met her thru a friend and she wanted try doing a video more for the adventure than anything else. She had sent me a few pictures of her before meeting me and I was just mesmerized by her big juicy tits. In fact, I had jerked off the the night before imagining cumming inside of her. I met her the same day I did this video given the rush I was in. I drove to her city to pick her up at her sister's place and we had a quick coffee at the local bar there. We then got on the road back to my place. Once in my room, I started to make out with her and touch her and I started to do her. Dara had really beautiful tits and I just loved doing her tight hot pussy while seeing her big natural tits bounce. I was able to do her couple times and take her back to her sister's place in less than two hours. And too bad I didn't have more time to do her some more, she was totally open to staying over and taking more pictures. I need to go back to Europe soon and do more hot euro babes out there.




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