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Name: Khloe Kush
Age: 18
From: California
Khloe is a girl that came to visit from Miami, Florida few weeks ago on a short vacation. She had never done anything like this before but one of her friends told her we were looking for models so she applied a while back ago by sending in her pictures. Originally, she was understandably a bit nervous about getting creampied but her fear subsided as she saw the level of professionalism on the site..lol Once she arrived to the west coast she went sightseeing for a few days but we got the chance to meet and do this video a few days before she was going back home. Khloe was very outgoing and I was also experimenting with a pair of google glasses I had recently bought. So this video turned out a bit different than usual as I was operating two cameras at the same time. As you can imagine it is already hard to operate one camera when you're trying to enjoy yourself, much less two. But anyway, we got together and had a good time. This was one of the few times in her life where she had been inseminated so this was fun for both of us :) I btw tested the glasses and they are simply not there as far as using them to shoot videos. It is convenient but they fall off if you fuck too hard so maybe I'll give it another try when they redesign them.




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