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Name: Chrissy
Age: 23
From: Denver, Colorado
TheStory:Chrissy is a girl from Denver who came to visit friends and family but had some time to get away to have some creampie fun :) She had written last year about coming but nothing happened. But she recently had the time and the excuse to come out so we finally ended up getting together.

She was a little reserved at first but she started to get really comfortable once she started to pose for the camera. In fact, I think the camera was making her horny as she was already wet just taking pictures. So after a few pics of her teasing, I started to feel her up and we started to fuck. She had not had sex in a few months and she does pussy exercises (not sure what to call them) so she was extra tight. But I fucked her for a while and fucked her good before cumming inside her tight pussy.




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