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Name: Aurora
Age: 19
From: Florida
Aurora is a girl I met last year when I was in Florida. I was supposed to do a video with her in Florida but she changed her mind about it but we still kept in touch. She is a very cute girl who is just basically looking to have fun but she is more of a "now" girl, meaning her plans are usually fluid. But eventually I managed to convince her to fly out to California to do some magazine modeling and a solo video for me. She was staying at my place when she was visiting and once she felt more comfortable (and horny) we ended up doing this video. I wasn't sure if she was going to change her mind again so I just went with the video without stopping for pictures while we were having sex. So unfortunately, there are no action pictures of her. Just pictures of the solo session that I did for my other site. This was the first time we actually had sex so I was pretty excited about finally doing her, since I wasn't all that sure I was going to be able to do her. And the best thing is that once I did her, I kept on doing her for the next two nights that she was at my place and I ended up loading her up with lots of cum inside her tight nearly virginal pussy. I tried again to meet up with her on my most recent trip but she was hard to get a hold of as usual but I am ok since at least I did her a few times already.




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