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Name: Presley Dawson
Age: 18
From: Wisconsin
TheStory: Presley is a beautiful girl from Wisconsin that came to visit recently. She is a college girl but taking the semester off so she could do some traveling and some exploring. She knows a girl that has been on the site before and she told her about coming out this way for a free vacation and some good creampie fun!

Presley was very friendly from the second I met her and she was really eager to know not only about modeling but mainstream acting as well. So who knows, she might end up in the mainstream media one of these days. After talking for a while and getting comfortable, we started taking some pictures. But that didn't last too long as I just started fucking her after seeing how horny she was getting. And we were at it for a while, in fact I ran out of tape as I just couldn't stop doing her and thinking to myself of filling her up with as much cum as possible.

I am sure I will meet up with her again soon, here or maybe when I visit her in Wisconsin during the summer? a girl like her is definitely worth the trip!




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