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Name: Izzy Champagne
Age: 24
From: Originally from the UK
Izzy is a sexy woman from Montana but originally from England. Talking to her one would think she is more English than Montanian but she has spent quite a bit of time in Montana. I met her after a friend told her about me and she contacted me by email about possibly meeting up on her California trip. We got along well right away since I found her background interesting and she enjoyed hearing about my adventures. Obviously, I can't put on video every conversation we had but you can tell how comfortable she was and sexually excited while staying poised. Which in itself I think makes the video one of the best I have shot this year as my goal is not only to do creampies but show real sex and the "real" person on the videos. Anyway, we had really good sex and I had one intense creampie with her that I hope to repeat if she visits again or if for some reason I find myself near Montana :)




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