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Name: Aimee Black
Age: 21
From: Seattle, WA
TheStory: Aimee is a girl who had been thinking about trying out modeling for quite some time and few weeks ago her dreams came true. She replied to an modeling ad I had online and she was eager to be in front of the cameras after I showed her my "portfolio". And in a way considering I've been taking pictures and videos every week for over 12 years, I am actually a "professional" in disguise. If I add all the pictures I've taken in the past 12 years, I must have taken about quarter of a million pics and hundreds of hours of video.. anyway, I am getting sidetracked here.

When I met Aimee, she was excited but still nervous which is in a way a perfect combination for a first timer. So I took her to the room and I started taking pictures of her half naked first and then fully naked and after a few minutes of doing that, we started fucking. She felt so good and looked so pretty it was hard not cumming inside her in the first few minutes. But since I am a pro at this, I held until then end and made sure she got off until I gave her a deep cumshot inside her fallopian tube :)

Girls like her make it difficult for me like me to settled down..




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