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Name: Cindy Lou
Age: 21
From: Georgia
Cindy was a shy country girl from countryside Georgia until she moved to Los Angeles to go to Nursing School. She outgrew her small town girl ways and become a blonde bombshell. I met her at a nightclub on her very own 21st birthday. We started some small talk by the bar but one of her friends kept dragging her away. I knew I had to get her attention somehow, so I mentioned I was a Photographer and that I had a suite on a nice 5 start hotel not far form the club, gave her the address and left. For my surprise she texted me few hours later and asked if she could come to my hotel for few pictures for her new LA portfolio. I jumped on the chance and by the time she came the equipment was set. With 10 minutes I knew that what this naughty nurse really wanted was to get fucked. I didn't wasted any time by fucking as much as I could. She was so tight! You can actually see her pushing me back when I try to go balls deep on her. I could not hold for long and I dropped a huge load inside her, I haven't fuck in a while so my load was extra thick and she took it all like the naughty girl she is. I have no doubt she will be one hell of a naughty nurse.




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