On This Edition of Asian-man

Name: Roxy Lovette
Age: 19
From: Texas
TheStory: Fresh back from winter break, Tony is back at it again; he has always found that girls away from home for the first time are always receptive to doing new and wild things and it was no different with Roxy. Roxy is a 19-year-old freshman born in Germany but raised here in the US. Tony took a real interest in trying to get her into his studio for a session because unlike me, Tony hasn’t traveled much so this would be as close as he as gotten to authentic German pussy. Looking at the pictures, I told Tony that she looks like the girls you find in the German countryside.

Tony did manage to convince her to model for him and he was quite impressed when she showed up to his place wearing a tight red dress; he knew that she was open to more than just modeling. When she pulled off her dress, Tony was treated to Roxy’s all natural double D titts and the best looking camel toe he has ever scene; he was completely captivated by it. He told me to make sure I mentioned this. After the photo shoot, when Tony was video taping her, he made his move; he was dying to get his tongue on that camel toe.

When Tony got his tongue working on Roxy’s clit, he found that she has one of the most sensitive clits he has ever encountered and it didn’t take long at all to have her moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Maybe it’s because Tony did a good job working her up or maybe it’s because she hadn’t had sex in a while but either way, Roxy was eager to do more than just receive Tony’s oral service. Tony fucked Roxy bareback and I can tell he struggled to make it last as long as possible but with a body that seemed to be a perfect for baby-making, Tony finally shot his seed into Roxy’s belly. I think secretly Tony was trying to impregnate Roxy because he didn’t ask if she was on birthcontrol.




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