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Name: Alexa
Age: 21
From: California
Alexa is a beautiful Latina girl (A lot people think she is Asian but she is a full blooded Mexican girl) I met few weeks ago thru a friend. We ended up having a sex party for her but I didn't get a chance to play with her much at that time. However, after I came back from my most recent trip, I finally hooked up with her one on one. Alexa is a dancer at a club out by Riverside and originally I wanted to go to the club and start shooting the video there but they have some pretty strict rules at her place so we decided not to do it there. I think it would have been hot to film her dancing and then do something in the VIP areas. But getting into these strip clubs in LA is probably like going thru security at an airport. Anyway, I picked her up at her place and took her back to mine. I took some pictures of her first and my dick was so hard just seeing her getting naked and posing, she is such pretty girl and has the most beautiful hair. And after a few pics, I started to fondle her pussy and we started going at it, I had been jerking off to fucking her for weeks so when my cock was finally inside her it was all pleasure. Her pussy was so nice and tight plus the fact that I had not done a Latina girl ina while was turning me on. Also, my twisted thoughts of Latina girls getting pregnant young started to come to my mind which made my experience a lot more intense. So I fucked Alexa 's pussy for a while until I unloaded my fertile load inside her Latin pussy. And I got so excited imagining her pregnant I started to fuck her again a bit on camera and off camera. And in the end, after some begging from my part, she let me fuck her ass a little too until I came again all over her asshole and her open cum dripping pussy.




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